Quantum Vortex Scalar-Wave Photon Pulse (Q.V.S.W.P.P) Practitioner

Upon completion of the AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN Intensive you automatically become a receiver and transmitter of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse  and emit this powerful signature 24/7, thereby uplifting and activating everything you connect with, resulting in spontaneous multi-dimensional healing!

This is enough to cut short your spiritual evolution but should you wish to deepen your connection with the most benevolent and Supreme One and learn how to share this Signature of the Absolute with others as a professional – then join us for  Bhakti Bhaav Communion with the Absolute Workshop.


In this workshop you learn how to experience your own sublime sacred communion with the Absolute. With no intention, tools or touch required, one gets to experience the non-doer self which simply steps back and allows the All-Knowing, All-powerful One to do all the work!

After this workshop, the Practitioner and your client(s) are then blessed with the Unconditional Love and Supreme Grace of the Absolute, resulting in spontaneous healing of the utmost purity and good for each and every One.


Pre-requisite: AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN Intensive.

Who is this for: This workshop is for people who wish to understand Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse intimately, this workshop dwells into all minute aspects of Bhakti Bhaav and to be certified by Kosmic Fusion® to offer professional healings.