We regularly receive feedback & sharings, here are some generous testimonials....

"I felt like someone had a finger on my crown chakra. Also a feeling of being really relaxed."

Margaret Robb

"It was lovely experience that was very peaceful. My body feels like it is vibrating or emitting a Pulse other than the beating of my heart. I feel warm and tingling and sensitive to other energies."

Raukohe Hallett

"Relaxing, peaceful feeling. Felt open to being “led”- not to worry about what I ‘should’ be doing, just felt I would ‘know’, step by step."

Nola Wicks

"I felt the body disappearing, while I connected with an awareness of Love and laughter. I felt peace and total bliss, so beautiful floating away now. Thank you so much"


"Very peaceful experience with pleasant activity via my third eye. Feeling of tingling on back of the head."


"Very relaxing and I felt tingling through fingers and down spine. I really loved it."

~Jill later on shared that she has arthritis in her hands/spine


"I could feel the energy and vibrations throughout the 5 minutes.

Very relaxed and loving feel.


I could feel the heat radiate through myself and in the energy."

Jessica Jones

"I saw I felt the most beautiful healing image of the planet being held and supported by 6 hands surrounding and cupping it.

The phrase ‘Hands Around the World’ (Healing) come with it.

I then saw the most beautiful, powerful image of a diamond with the most vibrant yellow centre that rippled out in the most beautiful rainbow/prism. So pure, crystal clear.

And all the while, I felt the most beautiful “coming together”/harmonizing of energy.

Really strong, grounded…In such a short time! Amazing!"

Sally Lawson

"I felt the energy instantly. I tuned in, all these beautiful memories came back to me. I felt heat on my hands and neck. The energy flowing through my being. The stillness I felt and to just be in a place of awe."

Christine Mills