Come and meditate with the Source/Void!

These are no ordinary meditations. On offer is the incredible experience of being touched by the Love & Grace of the Source/Void or Absolute! Be immersed in the Supreme Grace of Sree Maa Shri Ji, the living embodiment of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, the Mother of All Energies, Frequencies and Vibrations. In our meditations participants have experienced profound and spontaneous healing. You can simply effortlessly receive exactly what you need in that moment and experience a spontaneous shift and yes, there’s no intention, prior knowledge or tools required.


What will be received is greater than what the mind ordinarily perceives and what will be worked upon is all levels of you! EveryOne from beginners to advanced spiritual seekers are welcome and will benefit on personal mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


Come join us in these powerful experiential meditations and treat your ‘Self’ by experiencing your highest vibration potential!


You are welcome to attend one of the Meditation Evenings organized at a physical venue in New Zealand (Auckland), Australia (Sydney, Central Coast, Northern Beaches, Melbourne), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) or Netherlands (Haarlem, Amsterdam), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore - OR simply join us Online, from the comfort of your own home, office or study room.


Pre-requisite: None! These Meditation Evenings are open to everyone.

Who is this for: These meditation are for anyone that wants to use the power of meditation to overcome the mundane challenges or just as a tool for relaxation.



"Relaxation, meditation…a feeling of peace." Erica, Sydney

Erica, Sydney

"I loved this experience. I felt like a pendulum swaying, amazing" - Lisa, Central Coast

Lisa, Central Coast

"It was powerful, felt loving energy & peace. Opened visions & my dreams of helping humanity." - Jackson Miller, Sydney

Jackson Miller, Sydney

Recent Meditations...

Powerful Online Cosmic Meditation series “Silent Immersion with Shunya Bindu” 640x328 – 10th March 2017
Meditation Series “Silent Immersion with Shunya Bindu” – 10th March 2017

Namaste Everyone, You are lovingly invited to join the next Online COSMIC MEDITATION on 10th March 2017!   In this one-of-a-kind meditation, you will be guided effortlessly into a state of calm & peace while receiving ‘Silent Immersions‘ of the Supreme and Divine Grace of Sree Maa Shri Ji, the living embodiment of the Shunya Bindu™ – SOURCE Zero-Point. […]