Are you ready?

  • To move past patterns, beliefs and behaviors that keep you from your true Self?
  • To go beyond that which is holding you back from reaching your highest potential?


If answer to either of above question is YES then, Akashic Records Neutralisation Sessions are just for YOU!. Rather than simply reading your records or logs of actions/beliefs stemming from personality and programs, these sessions can neutralise the associated undesired consequences and outcomes you experience now and into the future.


Some of the benefits that our attendees feel most often are :

  • Neutralisation of troublesome subconscious/conscious beliefs that are difficult to let go
  • Perceptual blockages, such as not feeling ‘good enough’ were neutralised
  • Feeling free from karmic ties of playing out patterns and behaviors linked with beliefs and past
  • Neutralisation of that which holds you back from being able to hear your true authentic voice


This is all possible through the power of spiritual love the devotee offer to the Absolute in a most moving surrendered communion. Neutralisation of your Akashic Records then simply happens spontaneously with the Ultimate act of Grace from the Absolute - the formless Form, that which is All-Knowing and All-Powerful.


The benefits really do build up with each session, so it is advisable to have around 3-7 sessions for maximum effect.


Pre-requisite: None! This workshop can be done by absolutely anyone.

Who is this for: This workshop is for people who wish to uncover  secret knowledge behind Tarot, Numerology & Crystals. This workshop is tailored for participants who are inquisitive to understand why & how of divinity tools. In past workshops we had audience who were Intuitive Tarot Readers, Numerologist, Crystal & Rune readers and Intellectuals too!