We offer a wide range of opportunities for everyone to connect and evolve in their spiritual quest, to know more & get in touch with that deep connection at the atomic level, which craves to seek. We conduct variety of meditations, seminars, events & workshops to cater to all audiences. These events are open to anyone that wants to expand their consciousness, occult sciences or just to fulfill the seeker selves.

If you are new to spirituality then we recommend highly that you join one of our Cosmic Meditations to jump start your journey into spirituality. However, please feel free to start with any of these workshops as these are uniquely distinctive in their content.


Actually! It's more exciting that it sounds.

Gabriela shares her experience after a Meditation Evening...

"I felt a lot of peace during the meditation. I was also aware that my heart chakra was worked on and energy coming through my feet. Thank you very much. Much appreciated. "