Kosmic Fusion, founded by SreeMaaShriJi is a growing worldwide movement towards a world makeover, with the most simplest yet powerful too - power of Love (the ABSOLUTE), to a world where love, compassion and acceptance are at its heart. As a team of devotees our Facilitators have come together in love and service and welcome anyone, inviting all paths to become one.

We invite you to become part of this world makeover by being the living example, silently emitting the Signature of the ABSOLUTE; a reminder of the Truth to all you meet and to yourself, spreading Love and Grace while being immersed in IT, whilst on the pathless path to merging with the ABSOLUTE! This is for believers and non-believers, the seekers and the knowers, the religious and non-spiritual - it’s an equal opportunity waiting to be embraced by everyOne.



Kosmic Fusion Mission Statement


The Mission of Kosmic Fusion® is to bring the Absolute Truth to each one in the Kosmos - through the "Bhaav of Bhakti";
We are One Family, One Tribe; helping & supporting each other, through this journey back Home