Have you ever wondered if what you knew, was Absolutely True?

Yes! Here is your chance to discover the Ultimate Truth. The Kosmic Absolute dispels myths and vanquishes untruths in a heartbeat; quite simply it is the antidote to partial truth and make believe.


These workshops are open to anyone who wants to peek beyond their reality and open the door to the knowledge that can truly set them free. You will be incredibly fortunate to hear the personal discourse of the Absolute (Sree Maa Shri Ji) and as you can imagine this will blow your mind and tantalise your soul.


Secrets that have remained hidden from mankind for eons will be revealed through the Fusion Teachings and will enable you to really see through ‘the Game’. The Absolute Truth will also assist you to no longer see anything in separation, and simply experience love in complete Oneness.


You’ve been waiting a long time to hear the Absolute Truth, don’t wait anymore.


Pre-requisite: None! This workshop can be done by absolutely anyone.

Who is this for: This workshop is for people who wish to explore secrets of  Spiritual Knowledge that has been passed onto us from ages. This workshop is tailored for participants who have scientific or intellectual bent of mind.